Trolley Shells and Such

Well we survived the first month with our soft launch of this column. No one lined up the authors and editors against a wall and tried to plug them.

This last month was a busy one. It seemed like several months past. Your author found that one could do two train shows a day and still have some sanity. But when it came to doing 4 in a weekend, well….

T Trak has been certainly busy. We have done events at Bowie, Gaithersburg, Sykesville. Members have attended all sorts of different shows. The Conrail historical societies picnic, East Penn’s National Trolley convention, The MidAtlantic Narrow gauge Convention.

So what is going on now? We actually are heading into our mid year slump a bit early. After a lot of events it is nice to have some time off and catch up on other things. I know that this author will be happy to go out and do some non railroad related stuff. But trust me I will get lots of railfanning in.

But just cause we have time off, don’t think that there is nothing to do. Fine tune your modules. Give em some TLC. See if the scenery is all still there. Upgrade them. Try something new! There are all sorts of stuff that you can do. And now is the perfect time while there is a lull.

There are some other house keeping stuff to bring up. I have gotten questions about Sales tables at shows. We have NOT been doing these for a while cause it has seem to cause numerous headaches. First we have not been doing them at Timonium’s cause of the following. Space, Location of the White Elephant table and being asked at the last minute. Greenberg has us put in writing 3 months in advance if we want them. Then they charge me for the table. So, you guys going to pass the hat and let me know 3 months ahead and pass they hat, then no problem. OTHERWISE FILL OUT ONE OF TICKETS AND PUT IT ON THE WHITEELEPHANT TABLE. This will eventually keep you from getting your palms red… Next one is the debating of gravity and the laws of physics. If we warn you as to what conditions are like at a show, we are giving you a heads up, not to ruin your day. So if we tell you that ya might want to get somewhere early, it’s not that we don’t want you to show up. But come on! Early bird gets the worm and stuff?

This is T Trak not theoretical theory and, yeah, READ YOUR MEMO’s. I don’t type up this stuff for the hell of it. A week ago I personally went out and surveyed the Gburg site cause we had no idea what the city is up to. We still don’t now. But we are trying to make sure that whatever happens things still go on. We spend tons of time banging these things out so there are no surprises. So don’t be that guy. You know the one that showed up to an event to find out that he was the only one there. And make sure you BRING modules as well and bring along the right ones. Otherwise, we will some weird looking ones as well. If we say small corners, probably not the right time to break out the passenger and auto wrack trains. So here ends the rant.

So enjoy your vacations where ever you may go. And heres to getting in more models out there.

See you next month

Happy Trains