I’ll get this right eventually

Hi Everybody,

Hope all are having a good holiday weekend so far and staying safe out there in the winter wonderland.

As promised, here is your updated T Trak events Calendar (As of Mid Feb)(Much Cheering!):

March 1: S&P tower (Set Up 10am Teardown 4pm)
March 14 and 15: Field trip and recon: Wilmington DE Greenberg show
March 15: Club Meeting Jack Walsh’s house
April 4: Ranson/ Bunker Hill WV (Times TBA)
April 10,11,12: Timonium Great Scale Show
April 19: Gaithersburg Station (Set up 9 tear down 2pm)
April 23, 24, 25, 26: York PA TCA? (Still waiting on invite)
April 28: Kensington Meeting (Invite Only) (contact Chris)
May 2: Conrail Historical Society Picnic Newport PA
May 9: Gaithersburg National Train Day
May 15, 16, 17: East Penn National Traction Convention (Philadelphia PA)
May 15, 16, 17: Kimberton PA MidAtlantic Narrowgauge Convention
June 7: S&P Tower Redeye Special: Set up 8am Tear down 2pm
June 14: Gaithersburg Oldtown Days (Info coming soon)
June 19 20 21: Great Scale Train Show Timonium (Small building)
June 21: BANTRAK Fieldtrip ? (TBA)
July: 11, 12: Fieldtrip to Monroeville PA (Pittsburgh) (Greenberg show)
July 24, 25: Fieldtrip: Lycoming Narrowgauge event
July 31st Aug 1 & 2: Greenburg Timonium (Small Building)
Aug 8: Gaithersburg Station (set up 9 tear down 2)
Aug 16: S&P Tower Redeye Special: Set up at 8, Tear down 2
August 21 22 23: Bedford PA

So lots of fun for all coming up. Important note: We know that some of the dates fall on holiday weekends. We have checked to make sure they are the right times. Remember, dates subject to change and check for any last minute additions or scratches to the schedule as the months go on.

And as always: Only valid at participating locations and states in the lower 48.
To paraphrase Ethel Merman:
There’s no people like model train people
They smile when they are low
Even with a turkey you know will fold
You may be stranded out in the cold
Sill you wouldn’t change it for a sack of gold
Lets go on with the show…

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