Sykesville & Patapsco Railway Club’s Open House 1/3-1/4 2015

Risking life and limb to prove the show must go on, a band of BANTRAK’ers made a visit to our friends in Sykesville, MD the first weekend of 2015. Saturday was a slippery affair with temperatures hovering around freezing most of the day and as expected the crowds were light. We set up a 24′ x 2.5′ layout and with temperatures in the 60’s on Sunday we had more visitors. Members in attendance were Cliff, Matt W., Leon and Frances and the Hyland and Peck gangs. Cliff’s evil twin, Dave, stopped by on Sunday.  I did get to test out the new Micro-Trains SW1500 and it ran great. Ed tested out some new Mexican power and it ran fine as well…maybe a little too well as evidenced by the photos. Train traffic was light both days…track work Saturday and a small derailment in Baltimore kept things stopped Sunday. The S & P gang has 3 permanent layouts of their own in various stages of construction. Stop by on the first Sunday of each month and check them out.





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3 Responses to Sykesville & Patapsco Railway Club’s Open House 1/3-1/4 2015

  1. tocoolman says:

    This was a slip , slide and crash event. what more could you ask for .


  2. tocoolman says:

    It was a slip and slide and crash event. What more could you ask for!(snow) I believe snow is coming shortly .Black ice, switches thrown wrong way. Out of control fast trains .Gee how much fun!


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