Bowie Trainspotting Day

Now before your fertile imagination runs away with you I can assure you this has nothing to do with Ewan McGregor and heroin use. It’s the day set aside for a show at the Huntington Railroad Museum in Bowie, MD the Sunday after Thanksgiving which coincides with Amtrak’s busiest day of the year. It’s so busy that Amtrak runs more trains than they have equipment so they borrow from commuter rail services along the Eastern Seaboard.  The prize catch of the day is the “Bursting Bladder Express” which features a set of New Jersey Transit Silverliner cars that only go about 65 mph and have no restrooms or food service aboard – a prize catch for the railfan south of NJ but the big turkey for the passenger that has to suffer through the ride. Hopefully they have some extended stops along the way to let the faster stuff around them because I know I’d never make it…

So what a hearty band of BANTRAK T-Trak did was set up a two table setup for the townsfolk who come to watch the trains go by and tour the ex-PRR station, tower and the soon to be departing caboose. Modules were provided by Leon, Matt G-L, Lindsay and the Peck Gang. The Chibbaros, Tom Long, Matthew Whiting , Clan Hyland and Leon and Tom’s spouses were on hand for support. Now what we did different  at this show was we went green – we used battery power to run the layout using a ZTrack Snail Speed Handleld Controller and a Rohukan Battery Powered Controller. They performed all day flawlessly, although I had to swap the Snail Speed controller out because nobody wants to see a 10 mph Amtrak train…worked great for the Conrail dirty shirt local but not so much for the Amtrak.

We were visited by close to 100 visitors and the Old Bowie Town Grille kept some of the club from eating their feet.

This is one of our best venues…quick setup and quick breakdown and the almost constant parade of passenger trains make for a fun and easy time.

I’ll post a few images when I get them off the phone…honest I will…

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